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Architecture / Interior design / 3d rendering /Virtual video


Studio BAS is an architectural firm that primarily focuses on designing and executing residential projects. Founded in 2014 by Julio Lau Borrayo and his colleagues, the studio has gained recognition for its minimalist and modernist designs. Since relocating to Florida in 2021, the firm has continued to develop its portfolio with a variety of innovative and unique residential projects.

Key areas of focus for Studio BAS include:

 1. Residential Architecture: The firm specializes in creating private residences with a modern aesthetic, often incorporating minimalist principles and a strong connection to natural environments.
2. Conceptual Design: Many of Studio BAS's projects start as conceptual designs, exploring new and creative architectural ideas before moving to execution.
3. Sustainable and Minimalist Design: The firm emphasizes sustainable practices and minimalist design, using materials and layouts that promote simplicity and harmony with nature.
4. Customization and Client Collaboration: Each project is tailored to meet the specific needs and desires of clients, ensuring unique and personalized architectural solutions.

Some notable projects by Studio BAS include the North Cabana in Anguilla, Ashram House in Latvia, The Residence Nuñez in North Miami Beach, and Weekend Home in Naples, Florida​

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