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03  /   08  /   2023

Ashram House, a house that will be located in a forest in Latvia; Totally isolated, surrounded by dense vegetation, the house will be the temple for the practice of Yoga. Its name Ashram alludes to its function, it means retreat or secluded place to practice yoga and meditation. Its form as a concept comes from the shape the arms take in various yoga poses. An asymmetric volumetry is created through this way to achieve more interesting views from any point that is observed since it will be in the middle of a forest clearing. A central space is created that will have multiple uses, among which is the practice of yoga. This space will have a glass structure resting on a grid of wooden planks that allows the penetration of natural light, creating a texture of lights and shadows that will be different depending on the position of the sun. This glass structure will allow an almost complete view of the forest, thus achieving a greater bond with nature. The interior design alludes to the Zen concept, calm, sober, harmonious.

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