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Small Bright Home

05/   01  /   2024

"Small Bright Home" represents an innovative 25m² microhouse designed to be self-sustaining and perfect for a couple. A vibrant and fun environment has been created using a bold color palette inspired by Neoplasticism. These colors are present in a wide variety of materials offered by Kingspan, allowing their use both indoors and outdoors, establishing a visual connection between the spaces and generating dynamic and attractive contrasts.

The intention behind this color choice goes beyond mere aesthetics; it seeks to maximize the artistic potential of the design by sculpting each plane of the volume with different textures and colors, combining them harmoniously and creatively.

"Small Bright Home," as its name suggests, stands out for its brightness, evoking the image of a lamp thanks to its lighting and the strategic use of polyacrylic sheets on much of its exterior walls. The placement of these sheets has been carefully studied, and the yellow color change highlights the two available entrances to the interior. A unique feature of these sheets is their diffusion effect when looking through them, which is why they have been placed behind shelves to create a texture of lights and shadows when viewed from the outside; these shadows come to life with movement inside the house.

Another advantage of this dwelling is its self-sustainability. The electricity consumed will be obtained through solar panels installed on the roof, processed by an inverter unit, and stored in batteries. The lights will also generate their own electricity thanks to an innovative system from Kingspan that harnesses solar energy. The roof will feature a false ceiling to ensure thermal insulation, and large openings in windows and doors will guarantee excellent cross ventilation, improving comfort and saving energy.

Additionally, the house will be capable of collecting rainwater, storing it in a tank provided by Kingspan, where it will then be treated and purified. Water-saving devices are proposed for use in kitchen and bathroom faucets. Attached to an exterior wall is a small vertical garden intended for growing vegetables and herbs, thus contributing to self-sufficiency.

The unique design of the house is another of its advantages. The use of bold colors, shape, and lighting ensures that the house does not go unnoticed, gaining prominence and hierarchy in any setting it is placed, despite its size.

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