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the Núñez Residence

03  /   08  /   2023

A house located in the Keystone Islands in North Miami Beach, intends with its shape and sculptural elements to make a difference and break with the architectural typology of the area. The house has 3 levels and a landscaped roof overlooking Biscayne Bay, access to this roof is through a sculptural spiral staircase located in the Garden that is inserted into the facade. This Garden begins on the second level and is staggered until it reaches the third, allowing the different layers of vegetation to be seen from the front of the house. The entrance of the house is marked by the monumentality of the double strut which extends from the front to the back of the house.
On the first level there is a parking lot, foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedroom, laundry, powder room, terrace and pool.
On the second level there are three bedrooms, two terraces and a gym.
On the third level is the office, a bedroom, master bedroom, play room and four terrace.

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